March 8, 2023 I All Across Germany

#JoinOurFight is a campaign we launched to strengthen the collective self-confidence of women and girls, and increase their sense of security. On International Women's Day, martial arts gyms all across Germany will open their doors to offer women free self-defense & martial arts courses.

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Why martial arts?

Through our own martial arts training, we noticed a shift in everyday things, like how we walk, how we talk, and how we feel overall - with a strong sense of self-esteem and self-respect. Enough to say no when we're uncomfortable. Enough to walk through the streets with our heads held high. And enough to fight back when necessary.

And because we found this through martial arts, we said hey - let's encourage other women to join us, and see where their journey takes them. We've trained countless women and girls in the last few years, and have observed a similar effect in them. That's why we made it our mission to get more women interested in martial arts and self-defense - in cooperation with our network of martial artists nationwide. Join Our Fight!

Who can take part in these events?

Women of all ages, backgrounds, and fitness levels are welcome!
 Experience in martial arts is not needed, as these sessions are geared towards beginners and cover the fundamentals. We want you to realize how strong you really are. The #JoinOurFight events are 100% for free.

Why are the events just for women?

From our experience, women-only spaces can be an entry point into martial arts for women who might not otherwise consider trying. Intimidation, fear of injury, or other personal reasons may hold women back. Our goal is to make martial arts training more accessible to these women by creating safe spaces for them to train and try out their strength.

How is #JoinOurFight financed?

This non-profit campaign is supported and financed by chinkilla and our sponsors. This includes The Onside Fund (Gender justice in sports), Fenriz Gym (Martial arts from Kreuzberg with love) and Asiasport Fightwear. #JoinOurFight would not be possible without our sponsors and the active support from all the participating gym owners, coaches, teammates, and community.

How did #JoinOurFight come about?

We first launched the #JoinOurFight campaign on International Women's Day 2022. Together with the German martial arts scene through this nationwide movement, we reached hundreds of women in one evening, and motivated them to take a step towards martial arts and self-defense. The incredible feedback and high demand made it clear: #JoinOurFight should not be a one-time thing, but a campaign that expands its reach in the future. For March 8, 2023, we've organized 46 free martial arts events for women and girls all over the country.

How can I support this mission?

To support this campaign, you can buy our official #Joinourgtight Unisex T-shirt. 100% of the income flow into the campaign.


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