Empowering women to fight back.

Fight camps in the mountains, eco-friendly fightgear & streetwear. Enter the ring: chinkilla.

FightCation 2023

Martial arts in the mountains: book your martial arts vacation with us in beautiful Austria. BJJ, MMA, Boxing, Muay Thai, and Kickboxing with pro fighters and renowned coaches from the European fight scene.

Fightgear & Streetwear

Designed by martial artists: our clothing is functional, eco-friendly, and simply badass. From fightgear to streetwear, we produce in Europe in small batches.

Social Impact

Small business with purpose! Every purchase funds our #JoinOurFight campaign, and goes into free martial arts & self-defense meetups for women and girls.
Sarah & Dani


Chinkilla is a women-led brand dedicated to female empowerment. You can learn more about our mission, production conditions, sustainability, inclusivity, and the founders here.