"Join Our Fight" Unisex T-Shirt - Black

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This International Women's Day 2022, we're fighting back. All over Germany.

We've rallied up the martial arts community, and they have answered the call: 20 gyms across Germany will open their doors on March 8, 2022 with free martial arts events for women!

Let's kick violence in the butt.

1 in 3 women in Germany has been a victim of physical or sexual violence at least once in her life. But, 67% of attackers let go if the victim fights back.

Envision a world where women don’t feel afraid to speak up against harassment. A world where women don’t freeze. A world where eventually, no one dares to mess with us, because we fight back.

We believe creating a safe training environment for women can achieve exactly that. An environment in which they can test their strength, build their confidence and come together in sisterhood.

Join our fight. Be a part of our mission.

Your purchase has a direct impact: 100% of t-shirt sales go into this campaign. Show your support and help us spread the message! Encourage your daughters, sisters, mothers, and friends to fight back.